Auto Soldering

Robotic Soldering Machine J-CAT Series (Desktop) 
  • The 4 axes robot is a replacement option for conventional manual soldering process
  • Available in four envelopes sizes (200 ~ 500mm working area) 
  • Excellent auto tuning temperature controller raises iron tip temperature to 350˚C in approximately 10 seconds
  • Store up to 500 programmable solder profile
  • Up to 255 program available (30,000 points)
  • Precise Solder wire feed and reverse in 0.1 mm resolution
  • Quick change iron tip(plug-out & plug-in)
Robotic Soldering Machine L-CAT Series (Desktop & Inline)
  • This next generation robot has all the functions necessary for seltective soldering built into its sysem
  • Data management is available for PC communication, smart phone / tablet (Iphone, IPAD, Android)
  • Features
  • Flexibility of managing multiple robots via Ethernet
  • Data logging to the robot’s state and saved as csv file
  • Up to 512 program available (500,000 points)
Selective Wave Soldering Machine F-CAT Series (Standalone)
  • This 3-in-1 selective soldering system has built-in selective spray fluxer, preheater, and selective wave soldering 
  • Dramatically reduce the consumption of flux as well as reduce the waste of solder
  • No special jig/fixture needed because of the programmable high flexibility axes allowing precise soldering at targeted area
  • Features such as auto nozzle cleaning, fiducial positioning, solder flow height check are built-in
Selective Wave Soldering Machine F-CAT-in Series (Inline)
  • Optimization of system capabilitity with 3 separated units of Selective Spray Fluxer, IR Preheater, and Selective Wave Soldering
  • Select from standard two working area sizes of 350 and 500 mm
  • Optional dual port features for shorter tact time
Alba Mini Laser Controller
  • Alba-Mini + FS Laser soldering system controls PCB and combined together for laser soldering with solder wire
  • The system can be integrated with SCARA, 6-zxes robot, or act as stand alone system for automation
  • Features
  • Temperature measuring function with non-contact thermo sensor
  • Solder wire feeder with programmable 0.1mm resolution allowing precision control for micro soldering applications