PCB Conveyor System

Link Conveyor - ACC Series

Used in the SMT line to connect equipment effectively through SMEMA interface

  • Features
  • PLC control
  • ESD top safety cover
  • SMEMA interface
  • Buzzer, SMEMA interface led display
  • Compact design
  • Durable structure by double base plate
  • Options
  • Touch Screen
  • Motorized auto width control system
  • Extended rail length
  • Conveyor Speed Control
  • Holding more than 2 PCB’s by stopper or individual operation(Added segment)
  • PCB Cooling fan
PCB Cleaner - Removes Dust and Static of PCB
  • SMEMA interface
  • External high volume dust collector
  • Non contact PCB (Scratch free & static free)
  • Dust escape prevention
  • Effective removal of particles after cleaning
  • Vacuum adsorption type (Free from PCB stress)
Laser Marking Machine
  • The fume collector removes fume and smell through special technology. PCB is harmful material by own. The collection of fume and smell are very important factor.
  • The system is capable to make number, 1D and 2D barcode on muti-PCBs.
  • Vision system is equipped to verify the quality of barcodes. (Option)
  • High Speed Marking at 700 cps Adopting the advanced technology necessary to perform high-speed. The system can mark 700 characters per second.
  • Stability of laser output With a laser output stability of within ± 3 % (typ.), 10.6 micro meter, 0.417 mil wavelength models work well in applications ranging from marking thin films and other substrates to processing tasks.
  • Easy Programming The system comes with application software for easily configuring print data. Marking layout can be easily performed as desired with intuitive and simple mouse operations. Moreover, batch control of multiple laser markers is possible using one computer. This significantly contributes to increased work efficiency.
  • Customized machine and program
Labelling Machine

Automatically attaches BAR CODE or 2D CODE LABEL on the PCB

  • SMEMA interface
  • PC & PLC control
  • High precision robot control
  • Auto PCB clamping
  • 7" LCD monitor
  • Motorized auto width control system