PCB Router/Customized Automated Solution

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Getech Automation was set up in 1992 to focus on meeting the needs of the PCBA and semi-conductor industries. In addition to system integration, we have also expanded to handling turn-key projects.

Today, Getech Automation has developed a reputation for consistent results and specialized expertise particularly in robotic applications and high-end automation projects.

Our standard machines include fully automatic PCBA inline and stand-alone routers, odd form component pick and place machines, marking machines, label placement machines, and off loading machines.

Today, our PCBA routers are placed in many high volume PCBA manufacturers and sub-contractors. The other machines are used mainly in multinational electronic and semi-conductor companies.

We have a powerful capacity as a system integrator as well as a turnkey project specialist In addition to our capacity for mechanical and electrical design, fabrication and assembly; we have a dedicated in-house software development team. In addition, as a Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we have experience in building machines with various kinds of standards such a SEMI and CE.

Semi Automatic Router Machine - GSR

The GSR is a twin station, stand-alone router machine, specially designed as a cost-effective solution to meet your PCB depaneling requirements, providing gentle and accurate board extraction as demanded by today's manufacturers.

The GSR is available in many configurations, offering twin and single table sizes, vacuum fixtures and dual head spindles.

Inline Router with Board Handling Machine - RBM

The RBM is a twin station, versatile and sophisticated fully automated de-paneling system, with post route PCB handling.

The RBM is fitted with auto tool change, auto conveyor width adjustment, and an array of software tools to enhance the performance of routing.

Inline Router Machine - IRM

The NEW IRM is a single station fully automated de-paneling system, with post route PCB handling.

The IRM uses a gripper to firmly hold all the PCB during routing, there by delivering extremely high performance in terms of accurate fast dust free routing. After routing, the PCBs are placed onto a conveyor ready for down line processing.

Options include auto tool change, pre route flip stations and a comprehensive range of tool management.

Inline Dicing Machine - IDM

The IDM is a single station sawing machine, designed to deliver unrivalled stress free performance in speed and accuracy.

Precision is “key” to the success of the IDM. A precision rotary table fitted with a precision gripper fixture, post route board handling and pre route auto conveyor width adjustment plus an array of software tools to enhance the performance of routing cycle makes the IDM ideal for panels such as memory modules, where fully automated high through put is a must.

Economic Semi Automatic Router Machine - ESR

The ESR is a single station stand-alone router machine, specially designed as a low cost solution to meet your PCB depaneling requirements.

Options include twin spindle (ESR1200).