Pneumatic / Electric Torque Screw Driver

Item No. : BS-2000 series

Product Name: High efficiency brushless motor electric screwdrivers

Country of Origin: Taiwan

  • Product Specifications /Features :
  • The highest speed 2000rpm design and offer two years warranty for free repair service.

    Use the high efficiency brushiest motor gives unsurpassed durability. Adopt the carbon brushless motor that it will reduce the business cost effectively.

    Brushless motor design that is available in the clean room operation. Adopt excellent gold plating switch that it can raise the contact spot life up to 10 million times and reduce the maintenance cost.

    No any carbon particle flow out not only responses to the earth environment protection but also reduces air pollution.
Item No.: Lever Start

Product Name: Pneumatic Screwdrivers

Country of Origin: Taiwan

  • Product Specifications /Features :
  • Accuracy: ASA series feature patented clutch and repetitive torque accuracy of ±3%, ensuring best possible performance.

    Economy: Patented motor blades and interior structure ensure super-wide torque range and long motor operating life. Lasts many times longer than others. Attractive appearance. Artistically, ergonomically and mechanically designed, neat and attractive Innovation Unique mechanical structure and patented motor ensure quiet operation, low vibration, and high-accuracy performance.
Item No: AP-100

Product Name: High Precision Torque Meter

Country of Origin: Taiwan

  • Product Specifications /Features :
  • Wide Measuring Range, High Accuracy devices.
  • Measuring the Output Torque in Clockwise or Counter-clockwise.
  • Measuring Units: kgf-cm & Ib-in.
  • Three Measuring Modes: Peak, Track, F. Peak for easu choice of operate
  • Display Maximum & Average Torque value.
  • Able to connect to PC for recalling, editing and calculating measured datum.
  • Small Volume & Light weight, convenient to use.